Who Are We?

Our Mission

To provide client-centered service and administer programs designed to increase profitability and provide margin protection to our dealers, all while promoting customer loyalty and satisfaction. At The Dealer Solution we recognize that your success is our success, which is why our team is available anytime you need us. Unlike our mega-agency competitors, we provide one-on-one support for even the smallest client. The owner of The Dealer Solution, Jack Davis, makes it a priority to know the names of his clients and is heavily invested in their success.

The Dealer Solution booth at the 2018 CIADA Convention

Extraordinary Experiences

We focus on dealer development, not individual products.  This means our member dealers can expect a holistic approach to growing their business – from web design to geofencing.  

If  one of our dealers has an issue, they are not given a 1-800 number and expected to navigate a phone tree.  Instead, they will be provided a direct line to one of our team members who will be happy to assist right away.  

Our Core Values

The Dealer Solution, as an agency, does not think in terms of selling the dealer but rather of building a business partnership. We listen, develop an understanding of our dealers’ needs and create tailored solutions that work for them. We are committed to investing in our partnerships and we recognize the difference between a contact and a contract is the letter “R” – and that “R” stands for “Relationship.”