Whether you're looking to begin offering a limited service plan, a full line of products or a private label program we can meet your needs. As your business grows or consumer needs change, Royal can provide a wide variety of options and solutions.

Royal offers a huge number of services. Here is just a sampling of what you can expect: Service contracts, credit union programs, limited warranties, lifetime programs, ancillary programs, and dealer incentives to further motivate our partners.

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Benefits of the CPO Program to the Dealer:

  • Be trained by experts who have created successful national programs
  • Over 65% of customers searching for a used vehicle shop for Certified
  • By not offering a Certified pre-owned program, you are missing out on TWO-THIRDS of online shoppers
  • Certified vehicles promote customer confidence and satisfaction, thereby increasing return buyer rates
Royal Administration Services

Missed Opportunity Key Components:

  • No required dealer investment
  • Dealer-branded customer contact program including e-mails, microsite and phone
  • Customers encouraged to utilize associated dealer service center to build relationship with dealer
Missed Opportunity

National Auto Care has one of the best track records in the business. NAC offers a full range of products and services to satisfy your clients' needs while silmultaneously growing your margins. In addition to a growing selection of vehicle service agreements for both low and high mileage vehicles, the National Auto Care CPO program is recognized as especially robust, largely due to the company's firm commitment to the program and the high level of engagement with their dealers.

To discover everything National Auto Care has to offer, click on the book icon below to download our NAC Manual. This manual contains detailed information about the company and the various services at your disposal.

NAC Manual
NAC PowerBuy
NAC Lost Prospects Guide

Endurance offers a wide range of products from vehicle service agreements to GAP coverage. With Endurance, your customers have a large number of coverage options to choose from, so they're sure to find a plan that fits their budget and offers them the peace of mind they are hoping for. Furthermore, Endurance also offers a CPO program that enables non- franchise dealerships the opportunity to advertise their vehicles as "Certified Pre-Owned" and benefit from the investments the franchise dealerships and car manufacturers have put into developing this market.

To discover everything Endurance has to offer, click on the book icon below to download our Endurance Manual. There you'll learn the specifics around each of their products and how you can put these products to work for you.