Liqqid has been involved in developing and implementing Virtual Selling Systems since 1984. The early versions were electronic ‘flip charts’ used by auto dealer F&I managers to follow a standardized presentation. In 1995, they created the first ‘talking’ virtual presentations, and shortly after that Online Service Menu and Sales Training solutions for automotive service departments. Working with thousands of dealerships, agencies, companies and sales personnel over the years, Liqqid's virtual presentation, menu-selling and implementation programs have become highly refined, highly effective, and global in reach.

Every day, Liqqid continues to evolve and refine the use of current and exciting new technologies to create the finest (and most effective) virtual selling and training tools - and the implementation programs to go with them!

For dealerships, Liqqid's menu selling programs and expert support are available through their partnerships with over 100 automotive distributors, chemical, fluid, lubricant and automotive maintenance kit suppliers, service consultants, vehicle service contract administrators/agents, and software companies.

Key Points

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