About The Dealer Solution

Welcome to The Dealer Solution family of automotive, recreational, boating, and motorcycle dealers. We are a trusted, authorized agency for National Auto Care, Royal Dealer Services, Endurance and ASC. The Dealer Solution specializes in providing innovative profit-building services, warranty products and direct client-support to franchise and non-franchise dealers, as well as automotive lenders, across the Southeastern United States.

Our mission is to provide client-centered service and administer programs designed to increase profitability and provide margin protection to our dealers, all while promoting customer loyalty and satisfaction. At The Dealer Solution we recognize that your success is our success, which is why our team is available anytime you need us. Unlike our mega-agency competitors, we provide one-on-one support for even the smallest client. The owner of The Dealer Solution, Jack Davis, makes it a priority to know the names of his clients and is heavily invested in their success.

A quick pic of The Dealer Solution booth at the 2018 CIADA Convention

What Do We Do?

The Dealer Solution, as an agency, does not think in terms of selling the dealer but rather in terms of building a business partnership. We listen, develop an understanding of our dealers’ needs and create tailored solutions that work for them. We are committed to investing in our relationships and we recognize the difference between a contact and a contract is the "R" – and that “R” stands for “Relationship."


You see a problem? We see an opportunity. Relying solely on market forces for our mutual success is not the best option. Instead, we seek to actively cultivate new revenue streams and provide member dealers with a plan to achieve these goals. The Dealer Solution continues to explore even more effective ways to support your sales efforts and maximize profitability.


The Dealer Solution invests in our dealers’ staff education, development and professional motivation. Growing your people means growing your bottom line. We provide the tools to do just that.